Look! House angst!

Right, so.

Bits of the house are coming together nicely. In some ways, shockingly nicely. The library is shaping up to be these lovely brown cozy place. This makes me feel both a fey wondrous joy (can this beauty I’ve always admired actually be MINE?) and an odd twisting kind of fear. It took me a while to figure out the source of the fear. But I did it! Because I totally rock at this introspection thing.

The problem with having nice stuff is that you have nice stuff. And, like, you probably get upset if the cat scratches the bookshelf or the puppy chases the cat across the table. Heck, you might even get anal about making sure your stuff stays nice. So, I’m totally already paranoid that my gorgeous stuff might be made less gorgeous somehow. Yes, I got gorgeous stuff at Ikea. Shut up. But I’m also bothered because, well, it’s just stuff. Stuff that gets used gets worn and weathered. Stuff is where I keep the accoutrements of my life. I don’t want it to BECOME my life. But it’s all so pretty.

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3 thoughts on “Look! House angst!”

  1. FYI, If you want to make wood furniture last in the presence of clawed dogs and cats, I recommend spending more and getting hard wood, ie oak, cherry, walnut. I, too, like Ikea, but it is almost all spruce or pine which are soft woods and easily damaged.

  2. Indeed, it does seem to be spruce or pine.

    I believe that we need things to aspire toward though! We need to stay lean and hungry!

    More seriously, while we have achieved sufficiently high enough level to upgrade past the college-level furnishings, we have not achieved a level that enables us to aquire possessions from spendier stores. Our primary goal right now is to acquire enough furnishings that we can experiment with a clean uncluttered house. Stuff that looks nice is an unexpected bonus.

    Still, it’s good to know one of the reasons IKEA stuff is so damn affordable.

    Do you have any idea how well it lasts outside of pet damage?

  3. Patrick has a relatively expensive set of Ikea bookcases that he uses for an entertainment center as well as bookcases. He’s had them for about 3-4 years and they look as good as when he got them. He had them here around all our cats and now has them in his apartment with his pit bull and cat.

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