It’s that time again.

When I wrote Shadows on the Mirror, I recall nights that Galen and Enra discussed me as I slept. My characters don’t usually get all self-willed and disobedient, but they DO develop opinions about my life.

Kevin’s poking at original Devil May Cry.  Dante, impaled by a sword, pulls himself up it, pushing it through his body and then picks it up and does some sword kata. His sexy red trenchcoat is unmarred.

Jinriki, a character in Citadel, says, “Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Why can’t I get me some of that action?” or, in his more usual parlance, “That is precisely what I would have asked for. If you’d asked me.”

A second thought: instead of Easy, Normal, Hard, these games should have Empowered, Normal, Challenging.

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  1. Hmm. The only characters that have made it into my dreams was the time I dreamed myself in Kenshin’s world. That was a rocking cool dream. I had a samauri sword and was amazingly athletic and fast. Karou had been kidnapped so we were trying to find Kenshin to let him know. He was out in the town running errands.

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