Massive Mysterious Procrastination

So, more weird quirks of my hand-edits:

Sometimes I write new lines above an existing paragraph. I don’t scribble out the old paragraph. Do I want to replace the paragraph? I think so. And if not, I draw a line pointing at where I want to insert it.

I do a lot of big scribbling out. I scribble out words, I mark out lines and paragraphs. I draw lines pointing to the back side of sheets.

Oh, so the massive mysterious procrastination was screwing around with titles. I have two sets. I’m not really happy with either of them, although I did decide that, in keeping with the codename ‘TFN’, the set of books will be called ‘The Trilogy of X’. No dancing around it with ‘Chronicles’ or ‘Song’ or ‘Saga’! Well, at least in my personal notes. I am aware that agents and publishers change titles with calculated abandon.

The first set:

  1. Citadel of the Sky
  2. Thrones of the Firstborn (not perfect, as is also title am using to refer to series at the moment)
  3. Sword of the Eldest (also not perfect but has some subtle appropriateness)

The second set:

  1. Phantasmagory
  2. Aegis (kind of… bland and short)
  3. Tenebrescence (I think the problem with this one is apparent, even if it fits)

I have a WIP called Xiphotologos. I invented that word, sort of. Unlike any of the above. Honest.

The current trilogy name I have poked at is ‘Trilogy of Ghosts and Shadows’. Which isn’t grrreat, partially because it’s not quite what I want and partially because there are like a million Knights of Ghosts and Shadows out there. No joke. Try google. But hey, it’s not Creatures of Light And Darkness!

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