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It occurred to me that on some level I feel like we’ve stepped back in time. Have a blog. Make a feed. Read feeds through feedreader. Keep up on the activities of people who interest you. How is this different than everybody keeping in contact through mailing lists? Except, of course, it’s a lot more… visual.

I looked at making a feed from Angie’s blog, because I always forget to read it, but it turns out to be more complicated than I want to touch to ‘scrape’ a feed. It involves Python and /coding/. Ick. Oh well.

UPDATE: Hahahha! I did it! Using a webservice provider, which is about my level of technological competence! Subscribe to http://feed43.com/3672863271210464.xml to keep up to date on Angie even when absent-minded!

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I used to be at attractmode.net, but flakiness is one of my primary traits, and the domain expired. Apparently it was popular enough to be snatched up!

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  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you made this feed. Or even more happy that by the time I found it, someone had already added it as a feed into LJ.

    o/~ signs praises o/~

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