Sleepy and restless

I feel fuzzy. Spacy. It’s hard to concentrate.

It’s frustrating when I want something so badly that I can’t focus on the steps in front of me to get there.

It’s frustrating when I stop believing in myself, when I can no longer imagine myself where I want to be, when the vision stops.

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I used to be at, but flakiness is one of my primary traits, and the domain expired. Apparently it was popular enough to be snatched up!

4 thoughts on “Sleepy and restless”

  1. Oh. The box got fixed. (I couldn’t find it for the longest time.)

    I love you. Yeah… half of last week … was a living hell. I guess I made the assumption that pain and swelling were normal. (Not wise on my part.)

    But I’m better now. (I think.) I have only the normal soreness but the swelling has finally gone down.

    I’m thankful too… I have insurance now. So my drugs are only $10 with a co-payment and I can submit my receits and get that money back. Which is nice.

    …. So the drugs finally took the swelling down Monday evening. (Yeah!)

  2. Sometimes I think the greatest lie the world believes is that, individually, we are worthless. Not true.

    Ich ben gelibpt! (you are loved) It’s clique to say “don’t give up!” But really … “don’t give up.”

  3. What is strange…

    I don’t know where the first sentence of my first comment came from? In fact, I’m not even sure if it was in relationship to your post or your last post on my site???

    Bad when you write something and look back and don’t even remember what the reason was for typing it.

  4. Anna du sprakst die Duetsch gern order nicht gern. Ich sprake Duetsch gen und ganz gut. Ich habt eine blaue Jens und einen blaues T-Shirt an. Ich finde Soula is Spitze!

    Bleh don’t give up or all work is in vian. Seriously if you quit now you viod all your work/progress so you HAVE to keep going. Not a question of if or why but a statement that you WILL regardless of your uncertancies you must prevail against your pessamistic conceince if you wish to overcome the obsticle. Remember you have to press on even if you don’t feel like you can!

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