The Mountain

Kevin ran a Werewolf game this weekend, mostly at my request. It was about the Mountain Gods of the Pacific Northwest, the High Cascades. We spoke briefly with many of them. In the end, the story centered around Tahoma, Mt. Rainier. It was another kind of arty game, not as much as the Halloween game, but with some of the strong imagery again. I think everybody had fun.

Afterwards, I was pretty happy, and following in Kevin’s research footsteps about the Mountain Gods. And once again, I found evidence that my reaction to Mt. Rainier is not unique. She really is breathtaking, but that doesn’t do justice to the way I feel when I see the Mountain rising over the world.

Traffic southbound is very bad, on days the Mountain is out. Everybody slows down to look, before it’s swallowed by a bend in the road.

I call it ‘my mountain’ the same way some people might refer to ‘my god’. I watch it hold up the horizon. I am startled by joy when I look south on the road and see it. It feels like a message. It says, “the world is not simple. the horizon does not predict me. you are more than you think, as am I, as is Seattle.”

When it is hidden for a time and I find it again, it is never as big as I remember, but at the same time, it is larger, and it is always more than I expected. I am never immune to the shock of it, no matter how much I stare.

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  1. That is almost exactly how I felt (“my mountain” and all) when I saw Mt Shasta while driving home from visiting you all. I came out from these big twisty hills and pulled over at a vista point, hoping to get a few shots of what I’d just passed through, and then I turned around and could see this enormous mountain. I paid for an overpriced hotel that night just because I could see the mountain so well from it, and spent far longer in the area than I’d ever intended. Definitely want to get back there.

    And also back up to you–I want to get north of the city next time, and actually see your mountain!

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