Christmas Honeymoon

Briefly, very briefly, we considered getting married last Christmas. It had to do with pricing on places to have receptions.

This Christmas, it was just me and Kevin. It’s our first Christmas at home since our first Christmas in Seattle, when we were both getting over a kind of year-long depression.

It’s also been our first time alone in our house for an extended period of time, as a married couple. Ray went to his mom’s for the holiday.

We had a wonderful, joyeous Christmas. We each got ridiculous amounts of, well, loot. Toys. No big presents (we call that the ‘TV’), just lots of fun stuff. I got a PS2 RPG (with kicking!) that I wanted. I got the bongo game I wanted, and Kevin threw in Guitar Hero. I got the first season of Lost, I got some legos, I got some books. I got a computer game/tool called The Movies.

You’ll hear more about The Movies later.

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