Silly scene

More work on what I suspect will be an extremely long scene. It was a lot of fun tonight– so much fun I’m already worried the scene will have to be cut or abridged. The tone is very different from most of the rest of the work, almost… cute. But it’s a strange scene, so maybe appropriate.

I always worry that my conflicts are too short. I’ll write lead-up and cool-down, of course, but the actual ‘exchange of blows’ (even if it’s not an actual physical fight) seems to only ever take up an estimated page or two.

I’ve scheduled my trip to CA, but I’ll only be there for Monday afternoon, Monday night and Tuesday-day. Flight out leaves around eight, I think, on Tuesday.

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2 thoughts on “Silly scene”

  1. A friend of Ellie’s wrote a fic years and years ago, and had you beat for short conflicts: “They fought and they won.” ^_^

    Monday, hm? If I’m really diligent and get through a hell of a lot of homework this weekend (chem final’s a week early, next Weds), could I come up to join you all for dinner or whatever? Tuesday afternoon, I assume you’ll be, well, working, and I should be studying anyway. But I miss you!

  2. Soula were are you going to CA for? Mike’s birthday?? Im so confused whatst the occasion and will you be stopping by?!?

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