Got a little over a thousand words tonight, in significantly less than two hours. I could do more– I stopped just as the scene twisted– but my head hurts some, and I have both some anime I’d like to watch, and the newest George RR Martin book to read.

I thus think I’m going to go off and read until I pass out, which shouldn’t be too long. I’ve slept really poorly the last two days. On some level I feel guilty about doing anything other than writing. And that makes me feel good. 🙂 That means I’m hooked, that means I’m driving, that means it really matters to me.

I still get frustrated with the story and how little it inspires me overall, how much raw straining work it is. But tonight was an interaction between Tiana and Jinriki, and scenes with Jinriki always write up quickly. I don’t know if it’s because I like him a lot, or because true dialogue writes up quickly or if the characters just click well or what.

If I keep up this rate (which I hope to, but more about that after 50k words), Michelle can get her next section to read on Monday, and Kevin should have his 50k chunk on the middle of December. And my estimated 90k completion point would be… early February? That’s kind of grim, after reading Holly Lisle writing diaries all day. But I think as long as I feel good about what I’m writing, it will work out. And right now, I feel good. I’m getting where I want to be.

But more about that later.

I have to remember to take my corporate card to work tomorrow so I can go to Silicon Valley for work next week. Must actually arrange flights and stuff.

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  1. Wait, you’re going to be down here next week? Week, weekend, what? I want to see you if at all possible!

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