Thanksgiving Food

Stayed home all week to clean and work on the novel. Making good progress on the novel though I don’t know if I’ll hit the nanowrimo 50k yet and it’s hard hard work. I’ve been alternating small word counts with chores.

Anyhow, this has possibly been the best planned Thanksgiving I’ve tried to have. I planned menus and everything, and not just for Thursday. And not just for dinners, either. They’re not always elaborate, but I’ve tried to do prep in advance and clean out the fridge and all that stuff.

Today, I made bread: potato rolls (refridgerated until tomorrow), honey wheat black bread (baked in mini-loaves today, sweet but the recipe was put together wrong (no instant coffee), so I might try it again later this weekend) and I have sweet dough for cinnamon rolls rising right now. Later I’ll make a blueberry coffeecake… for Kevin’s game, I think, along with some sandwich bread.

Anyhow, tonight’s dinner was fajitas, with real skirt steak. That was the only real part, and it was delicious, but the rest was only okay. Still, dinner! Planned and produced! In a timely fashion!

The turkey hasn’t made it into the brine yet.

Also, I’ve just passed 30,000 words. An evil sword is trying to bite somebody’s hand off.

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