The scene outline isn’t anywhere near done. Maybe halfway there. I cleaned my office, dyed my hair red, made a playlist, made cupcakes.

Bright sides: my office is definitely The Writing Place for me. I am so much more focused in there that it’s not even funny. Not a huge surprise but I’m a little sad all the same, because it’s very isolated in there. At least it’s not dismal as well anymore (after the cleaning).

Also, working on the scene outline… I’ve diverged so far from the chapter outline at this point it’s also not even funny. I think I’m creating a mini-climax in the middle of the book, which I think is a good thing. It makes it more interesting to write, anyhow.

I’m sitting in my office, at my desk, with my laptop on my lap. When I start to write I’ll switch to the desktop but right now all my notes are on the laptop and it irritates me to move them.

I’ll have to upload the scene outline to the wiki at some point. While there’s pretty much zero chance that I’m going to go back and revise past steps to match the current story, it’ll still be interesting to observe just how much various characters have changed through the outlining process.

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