I haven’t been up to very much since my brother left. Most of my excitement has come from my PBEM games, though on Wednesday I did get the final piece of my black mage artifact armor (in FFXI), my hat.

Ray officially decided he just didn’t like WoW so I’m no longer compelled to wait for him.

A friend had her baby yesterday. Congratulations, friend.

This weekend is PAX, Penny Arcade Expo. Kevin and I are volunteering and Flying Lab is also an exhibitor. I volunteered last year and had a good time, but this year much of my enthusiasm has been drained by all the shenanigans we’ve had to go through to stay on the volunteer list. Active presence and participation in an otherwise boring web-forum is NOT a good way to track volunteers. This is why they made mailing lists.

Also, I prefer to be treated like an adult with a paying job who could easily afford the entrance fee and just wants to help out, rather than a gamer-teen who is desperate for the waived entrance fee and lots of ‘perks’ and needs to be herded around like some kind of criminal cat. Yes, I know a lot of the people involved /are/ basically easily distracted uncommitted criminal felines, but… I’m not. And I dislike feeling like I’m being treated like one. Especially since I /did/ volunteer last year and did reasonably well.

Anyhow, back when I was scheduled for a 2-8 shift today, I scheduled today as a day off from work. They moved me at the last minute to an 8-2(am) shift, and I’m disinclined to head over there too early. So I think I’m going to lounge around the house, make bread, and write today instead.

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  1. Yeah, I had a similar experience trying to volunteer. Lots of hoops were set up, and so I’ll just go, plunk down my $20, and do whatever I want instead.

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