Mostly Successful Weekend

Picked up my brother Thursday.

Friday, went to work, came home, arranged an alliance to get Kevin’s artifact armor in FFXI, burned dinner.

Saturday, took entire household including dog to coffeeshop, got ice cream and bagels, hung out. Then, sans dog, we went to the mall where we picked up some anime and the movie Hero. We went home, we played some WoW while Nathan finished Psy-Ops, and then I made dinner and we watched Hero.

Sunday, Ray woke me up at 7 AM to work on photographs for the Hitherby covers. Around 9, we finished up (Nathan was a great help) and I went to the store and bought croissants and donuts for breakfast. I pulled Kevin out of bed, and after breakfast, we went to IKEA to pick up bookshelves that hadn’t been in stock last time we were there. We were out of there by 11:30. At home, Kevin assembled shelves. It turns out ‘beech’ now isn’t the same color as ‘beech’ a few years ago; our older bookcases are darker. Ah, well. I have a corner shelving unit in the dining room now, and a half-height bookshelf. After assembly, we showed Nathan Azumanga Daioh. By then it was 4; I took a nap for an hour but it turned into two hours. I spent an hour scrambling around trying to get ready for FFXI and make dinner at the same time. I was late but it worked out all right; we levelled our level 40 jobs.
Then I made an alliance character in WoW, poked at it a bit, and then fell asleep.

This morning, we went to the gym.

Now I am at work. Tonight hopefully the long-delayed InDesign lesson will happen.

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