I have quite a shopping list for souvenirs from Europe, especially if I count both nice gifts and trinkets. This is very exciting! I love justifying spending money by spending it on other people. We’ve decided to give our wedding party and parental gifts as souvenirs, and there are several other people who have been exceptionally helpful (or patient) that I’d like to shower with material manifestations of my affection.

However… I’m trying to do some pre-trip brainstorming on appropriate things to keep an eye out for. While both Rome and Paris make me think ‘clothes’, I follow a strict policy of not buying gifts that require an international flight to return if they don’t fit. Other than that, Paris makes me think ‘art’ and Rome makes me think ‘leather’. I suppose there’s ‘jewelry’ in both places. I hear Rome has some groups aggressively encouraging ‘cats’ as souvenirs. Oh hey, ‘sunglasses’ are a Rome thing. Hm, hm. ‘Wine’. ‘Catholic estoterica’. ‘Ratty old books’ (from Paris bookstalls). I suppose there’s ‘gaudy trinkets like miniature Eiffel towers’. ‘Scarves/ties’ might be an exception to the ‘no clothes’ rule– scarves more than ties, really. Possible ‘music’.

If you have suggestions, please post them!

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  1. Annabelle would die for a ratty-old book (even if its not in English) … and a key chain from Italy (one country I don’t have one from yet!)

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