Tomorrow, we need to get more paper for the programs. And go to half-price books. And pick up small quality sketchbooks for Kevin and I. And pick up the dress.

Yet more laundry was done today. Also, I bought some more new bras and a pair of short-underwear for wearing under skirts. And we got some paper for programs, and placecards. And socks for Kevin. We got haircuts. I got highlights in my hair, just at the front. They’re a lot more dramatic than I was hoping for, but probably won’t be too noticeable at the wedding, due to the tiara and stuff.

If I can find the Real Woman dollars I got from Lane Bryant I want to go to the Las Vegas one and buy a swimsuit with them on Friday.

Stuff still to be done, sometime… program printing and assembly, lettering placecards, assigning places (the Aquaknox was supposed to email me a floorplan but that didn’t happen so I will call on Monday morning and be very insistent). Kevin is writing vows tomorrow, he assures me. We’ve come down to a couple of songs for the recessional and we picked up the Bond CD they’re both on at Borders today. (We discovered that Borders is closing down next month, too, which was very sad because it’s our favorite bookstore.) I need to write CDs of the wedding music and the reception music. This may take some time. We need to pack. I need to make sure I have chargers for all the electronics. I need to plug in my camera and clear the memory card. I need to email out our cellphone #s to various guests. I need to print out maps and directions. We need to vaccuum. We need to go grocery shopping for Ray’s heavier supplies while we’re gone. I need to arrange an airport shuttle on Thursday.

Request of wedding party: Am I forgetting something? Please post in a comment.

Request of beloved immediate family, AKA ‘Dad’: Please send me your travel dates and hotel information as well as confirm your cellphone #s. Also, uh, I’m barely together enough to arrange a ‘first dance’ for Kevin and I. I may be picking a song out of a hat for a ‘father-daughter’ dance. At one point I was trying to remember if you liked Mister Mr. (Kyrie Elasia). Also, I don’t know your current email address. 🙂 Please send email to my email address, dreamfarmer at gmail dot com.

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  1. Aaaccckkk!!! Sounds you have way too much to do right now! If there is anything you’d like me to pick up, I will be off work on both Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t have so much to do that I can’t find time to do any last minute chores for you guys. We have plenty of room in the car to bring whatever you might still need.

  2. Hey, hun. Just wanted to say good luck this weekend and have fun, and I’ll be thinking about both of you.


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