There are those of you who may wonder why my infrequent posts are never about anything but the wedding. It’s not all I think about. Nor is it the only source of stress, though I suppose it leaks into other potential sources and makes me more vulnerable to them, weakening my overall emotional immune system.

I am most likely to post when I’m doing well, or when I have something cool to talk about. Even when I’m not doing well, I feel obligated to make regular wedding-related updates, since I am so phone-adverse. My friends and family need to keep appraised of what’s going on somehow.

So, things are getting done. There’s more than one stressful and important task yet undone. Kevin’s work is eating him alive, giving him no time to think about wedding stuff during the day, making him work long hours and have precious little energy for wedding stuff at night– and most of /that/ energy is eaten up by dealing with random meltdowns from me. My negative self-image has been climbing out of its pit more often lately (a side effect of the stress, maybe, or of all the tasks I need to get done, or all the forgetting I do) and that leads to fights and more meltdowns as I get frustrated with myself. It’s very hard to think rationally sometimes.

But I’m ok. It’s just wedding stress. Nobody needs to worry. Stuff is getting done.

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  1. I wil tell you that by all accounts your behavior is normal. Your getting married and that a stresful situation anyone that says otherwise has brown eyes..

  2. My dear daughter-in-law to be…wish I was closer and could help you and alleviate some of that stress! Don’t let stuff like cleaning the house invade on this wonderful time in your life. So what if something like a messy room doesn’t get cleaned before the wedding! In the grand scheme of things, does that really matter? Why not go through your to do list and cross off those things that really don’t have to happen. A shorter list may be more tolerable.

  3. I Undersand your worrie although me and your mother was quite diffreht the stress will pass and you day will COME!!!

  4. I just wish … you had some time for peace. But we’ll all vacation and have fun like crazy in Vegas for a few days! (And then you get to go to Europe!)

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