As the last twilight weeks of pre-marriage life loom ahead, I’ve been tense and angry, demanding, easily infuriated, monomaniacal and frustrated when my focus seems unique.

So, Saturday I got out of bed early and fled the house to spend the day shopping. Nominally, I needed pantyhose and shoes. I spent most of the day thoroughly exploring Bellevue Square in this quest, checking out the sorts of places Kevin has no interest in when we’re together: Club Libby Lu, Urban Dog, Brookstone. I spent almost two hours trying on clothes in Lane Bryant and finally left with a short skirt, a few button-down shirts and camisoles, and of course, the pantyhose.

I ended up going to Famous Footwear for shoes, and made it home at 4 PM, just in time to modify my attire for my wedding dress fitting. Kevin graciously agreed to come with me and navigate, so we made it there just in time. The scary Russian lady took my measurements and pinned my dress and bossed me around. We paid. I signed an agreement that the sales were final.

Then Kevin and I stopped at Walgreens and I picked up some powder and lipstick. Man, that Cover Girl Outlast really LASTS.

I made a veal stew for dinner that night, which was yummy, if much richer than our bodies (especially Kevin’s non-red-meat-eating-body) were used to. Kevin played Jade Empire all weekend, along with running the laundry machine, while I folded clothes and did some dishes and tried unsuccessfully to make money in Final Fantasy.

On Sunday evening, we played group Final Fantasy. Our mission to kill the Dark Spark and get two pieces of Artifact Armor went well, but our mission to get keys from Garliage Citadel was awful. We had an unprecedented four deaths across two different disasters, one when our ISP dropped our connection for just long enough for a bomb to explode and kill all the melees, and once when an undead mage cast Sleepga II, woke up the THF, and then cast Burst (high-damage Ancient Magic) on her. Then the mage turned to our monk and woke her up to slaughter her. His mistake. She triggered Hundredfists (her two-hour ability) and practically obliterated him. Everybody else woke up near the end of the fight but I think she might have survived even if we hadn’t. We had to do some very stressful stealthing to open some doors that required four people standing on far-flung triggers in scary locations.

Overall, though it was a horribly stressful night and we have a lot of stressful frustrating rare-drop camping ahead of us still, I’m proud of us and I feel like we got a chance to show off our excellence. From the monk practically soloing a tough undead mage, to our healer using her expensive Raise spell to save the KOed characters some XP loss, to me getting to use Sleepga II and Sleep II to keep the blasted bomb asleep for a few minutes before we mistakenly tried to kill it… we have a lot of useful tools at our disposal to mitigate crises.

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