April 6, 1976

That was a long time ago. I remember when I was a kid, and the seventies felt much closer, when I was on the first page of a set of date dropdowns, when I checked ‘under-25’ on demographic queries. Now I’m twenty-nine, and getting married. I mostly celebrated my birthday on the weekend, which means I had a cake, and Kevin gave me his present (a digital voice recorder) and made me a nice dinner (coq au vin). This morning, Ray gave me the first volume of Stellvia, which is an anime I’ve repeatedly expressed interest in seeing. My coworkers sang Happy Birthday to me. I was suitably embarassed.

Usually on my birthday I try to be extra-nice to myself and spend some extra money on myself, but this year, I’m saving both money and vacation time for the honeymoon. Also, my iBook died, which is pretty upsetting and will cost about $500 to repair (and salvage the data off the hard drive).

I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts again. I’m at the last save point and doing optional content before finishing it off. Last night I accidentally won the Hades Cup tournament, and then accidentally won the solo Pegasus Cup. Apparently, way back at the beginning of the game, I chose the combination of answers that made me level up slowly at first and much much faster at the end game.

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