Cold Feet

No, seriously, my feet are damn cold. It’s been really clear and cold up here the past few days. But there are the white winter flowers blooming in the front yard.

Today, Kevin worked up the text and layout for the basic invitation while I worked on releasing the first volume of Hitherby Dragons. If you are a sibling of mine, or somebody who hasn’t encountered the site before, I strongly encourage checking it out and maybe even picking up a collection. It’s the best thing on the web, and for a good cause, too.

Anyhow, after getting the invitation text worked up, Kevin played Hunter: The Reckoning some. Then, amazed at horrible it was, we went to the mall to look for our tableware and buy invitation materials.

We couldn’t find our tableware anywhere. Total failure. At the paper store, Kevin finally realized what a monumental and costly task making invitations is, and had an eensy freak out, which we solved by only buying samples (a second set, actually. I couldn’t find the set I bought over Thanksgiving). Hopefully tomorrow we’ll go back and get the rest of the paper. I did get a pretty stamp and a wax seal, though– papertoy luxuries I’ve been waiting a lifetime for an excuse to own.

At home, we played with the paper some, and then spontaneously decided to go see Hitch. We dragged Ray away from City of Heroes and off we went. Hitch was great! Then, home again, and Kevin assembled one of the possible invitations and I ordered postage stamps.

The current plan is to work on printing the invitations and materials this week, and then address them next week (after my wedding shower) and then mail them out at the beginning of the week after next. Hopefully that works out. I need to contact the banquet coordinator at the reception site to talk about the menu.

Anyhow, that’s the wedding update.

I’ve been working on structuring a story lately while Kevin plays PS2 games. I’ve been enjoying sitting on the couch with him a lot. I haven’t really taken full advantage of my post-Christmas wireless access until the last week or so– I still sat in my office for most of my net use. However, yesterday I ended up turning my office computers off for 24 hours or so because I simply hadn’t spent much time in there other than for computer games. The amazing cold helped keep me away– my office is unheated.

Still practicing the violin. I missed last week’s lesson because I was sick, and there’s no lesson this Monday because of President’s Day, but I think I’m on schedule: learning to read music and play Ode To Joy. I actually have two lesson books I’m looking at: the one she assigned, and another one that has many of the same pieces, but with different arrangements and a different approach to the teaching. Hers is much better, but variety helps keep me practicing. I also tracked down a basic fiddle tune called Old Joe Clark that I started trying to learn. One thing I keep forgetting with a new song is to play it pizzicatto a few times first, so I can learn the tune and fingering before trying to learn the bowing. It’s two different instruments being played at once, after all.

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