This journey’s flake-out was my various medications. (I dread the honeymoon packing flake-out. Hopefully whatever it is will be remedied in Las Vegas.)

It wasn’t a horrible disaster or anything: I take birth control pills, and Strattera, a ADD drug. I was near the end of my Pill cycle anyhow, and I’d been wondering a lot lately if Strattera was actually doing any good or if it was a giant placebo effect. So, I did enough research to convince Kevin that discontinuation(1) would not make me a raging or suicidal bitch(2) and… discontinued for the duration of the vacation.

It was educational! I no longer feel like it’s sugar pills providing no benefit! The first sign of discontinuation was the incredibly active, vivid dreams I had starting the second night out. The second sign was horrible trouble paying attention to Kevin when he was answering questions I’d asked him about poker. The third sign was intensified distaste for being trapped in a plane and wild hyperactivity afterwards. I was pushing around our Smarte Carte singing and cheering and racing in circles.

So there you go.

(1) Apparently you only have withdrawal from illegal drugs. If they’re legal, it’s ‘discontinuation effects’. Important note for doing research with Google!

(2) Strattera has practically no adverse discontinuation effects, according to my research.

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