Here I am, in Pasadena. I read Patricia McKillip’s Song For The Basilisk yesterday and today and greatly enjoyed it. The reason I read it was because Raymond gave me Alphabet of Thorn, along with a Look and a stern lecture. I think he’s been giving me the lovely McKillip hardcovers for a while because they’re always on my wishlists…. and yet I haven’t read any of them. This is because I love her work so much. No, really, it makes sense.

Anyhow, it was exactly what I love about her stories.

We went shopping some today. I bought some cheese and olive oil and vinegar for the Maginn household. I’ll try to remember to document them when we eat them. Kevin and Cathy spent hours searching for mysterious presents for Patrick and I, without even a hint of success. I’m very curious but Kevin is frustrated by the failures so I’m not being a pest.

We installed FFXI down here so I could take care of my garden. Got the big harvest today and while it wasn’t as big as I hoped it would be, it was still pretty reasonable.

Now Kevin and Patrick and some of Patrick’s friends are playing Smash Bros. Melee. Cathy gave Kevin and I Christmas ornaments, an ice cube Santa, some frosted candy, and some ornaments from the Rudolph claymation movie. Also, I got the Christmas gear in FFXI… the ornaments are a bit cooler. 🙂

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