On the 97th day of Christmas…

Yesterday we sort of spontaneously went Christmas shopping. We eventually found a present for Kevin’s mother. We went to two malls and two Borders. It was exhausting! Then I dragged Kevin and Ray into a restaurant we have often passed at Bellevue Square, Z’Tejas. It always smells good and the menu looked acceptable, pricewise.

Inside, the decor was very southwestern. I was a bit dubious; atmospherically, it felt like a Chilis. I decided to have fajitas.

Much to my surprise, there were no fajitas on the menu. It was a relatively small menu, with some interesting custom chicken dishes and a number of fish dishes and a few beef dishes. We got the Tres Tejas appetizer, which was chips and salsa, queso and guacamole. They also provided us with yummy cornbread in a cast-iron pan. It turned out they would have refreshed the cornbread but we had to decline the offer to do so. The salsa was good, and the queso and guac were excellent.

For entrees, Kevin had a pasta dish. It had chicken in it and some sauce that they called ‘diablos’. It wasn’t as spicy-hot as the name made me expect but it was extremely flavorful and amazingly good. I had this dish that was artichoke-mushroom-spinach stuffing sandwiched between chicken breast halves, and with some kind of cream sauce. It was very very good.

Even Raymond’s hamburger and french fries were fantastic– the french fries were so hot they burned when broken open.

It was a really nice meal that was pretty reasonably priced, and it was much much much better than I’d been expecting when I walked in. I’d just been reading a book on dining in Paris, so my attitude was a bit more foodie than it would normally be, but even so, I was impressed.

Tonight is packing and cleaning. Tomorrow I leave work early and go get Jenna for dogsitting and then we take an evening flight to LA.

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