Blah ear woes

So, I got put on amoxicillin on Tuesday morning. It pretty much didn’t help at all, and while I went to work on Wednesday I left early, driven mad by the pain and pressure in my ear. I got some earwax solvent from Walgreens and flushed my ear and then took twice the recommended dose of ibuprofen and lay around whimpering.

Thursday morning, I went back to the doctor, where he gave me samples of a new broad spectrum antibiotic and some vicodin (an opiate painkiller). That seems to be working better. Not in nearly as much pain and I believe it’s getting better. My ear is full of gunk but not nearly as swollen in the ear canal area.

Tomorrow we’re going to do marathon D&D, what Kevin refers to as ‘Insert Coin to Continue’ or ‘D&D FIGHT!’. No plot, hardly any roleplay, just a tactical combat game. We’re supposed to have our characters at least partially pre-levelled.

Kevin almost had to work tomorrow but got them to put it off until Sunday, since they didn’t bother to notify him until today, and he has all his work done. Yay, I guess?

This week has been a total wreck due to the ear infection. Oh, hey, I found out why the kiddies get ear infections more, especially middle (rather than external, which is what I have) ear infections: the tubes that connect their nose to their ears are shorter. That’s it. Isn’t that goofy?

I hope I remember to order my wedding cake before the end of the year.

Daddy, thanks for the news. I’ll be in touch soon. 🙂

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