I’ve just rented a violin from Pacific Music in Redmond.

I’ve been thinking about violins for a long time. It was a couple of years back now that I was listening wistfully to some violin music, wishing I could play the violin, when I suddenly realized: I could learn.

I’ve thought about it off and on, with vague plans to rent an instrument and take lessons someday. Recently Amazon opened up their Instrument Store Beta, which spurred me to investigate violin costs, as I found that student violins could be purchased for a lot cheaper than I’d originally thought.

I decided that after Thanksgiving, in December, I would buy a violin, and sign up for the community college violin/viola class.

I spent some time researching the student violins, and became unsure that I would be happy with what I could get in my price range– which is small, because I’m trying to save for the wedding.

Today, I called the Redmond music store and asked them how much they charged for a rental. It was surprisingly reasonable, though required a three month commitment. It was also rent-to-own. So now, because of a deal, I have a violin paid through March. And a music stand, and a book.

So, at lunch, I went down there and got one. Because, well, I’ll never know unless I try. I was nervous all morning after I decided to go rent one at lunch.

I’ve spent a bit of time at work since then trying to hold the thing. Quite a muscle ache, I have to say. My body protests, “No, those muscles don’t actually exist,” and that’s just from /holding/ it.

So. Something else to give status reports on occasionally, along with cleaning and wedding and games and so forth. I don’t know if it will go anywhere, but I can’t know until I try.

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