So hard to be motivated

Raymond is living with us now, temporarily. He arrived Friday evening via the train, and we spent the weekend finishing the cleanup project on the spare bedroom, including buying a new heavy duty air filter, since he’s allergic to cats.

I spent a lot of the weekend playing the Sims 2, which was fun, but I think I’ve gotten it out of my system for now.

I’ve come up with a new creativity experiment. Kevin says I should think of them as experiments, not as past failures or failures in the making. I’m dubious, but hey. It involves writing more PHP, woot. And using MySQL. I spent a while last night attempting to set up MySQL and I felt so ashamed, ’cause I can barely crank out even the most basic database commands (other than queries) like creating and populating a DB without using some kind of front end. And yet I’m a professional DBA.

But Kevin helped me install and set up phpAdmin, so now I can ignore my lack of competency with the command line and use a functional interface instead.

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