The Datastream

I’ve been thinking lately about what I’ve been calling the datastream. It’s both pleasurable and dangerous for me, because when I sink into it, nothing outside the perpetuation of it matters.

It contains a fairly wide variety of things: my own thoughts, books I read, forums on the internet, chat rooms. It’s a river constantly washing over me, always bringing me something new to occupy the cycles of my brain. When I’m unhappy, I long to sink into it. When I’m away from it for too long, and without stimuli, I yearn to return.

I’ve been thinking about this everyday on my daily walks, which take about half an hour currently, and are pretty boring. They’re good for me in more than just the physical, but it’s hard to not eagerly await returning to my desk and the neverending (but sometimes slow) feed of the datastream. I can lure myself away from it for a while by reasoning that with some time away, there will be a rush to absorb when I do return.

One reason I’ve been looking forward to Chains of Promathia, the FFXI expansion, is for datastream enrichment. The period around the release of the game will be overflowing with new information and interesting discussions and I find this very exciting. One reason FFXI captivates me is because of the ongoing datastream enrichment that comes from both the storyline missions and the every-other-month updates: they’re big stones that set off lots of ripples.

It’s fun, but it’s escapism, as well. It’s easy to sink into the datastream, let it flow over me and carry away any unhappiness I feel.

This is very meta at the moment. ^^ Remember when I said even my own thoughts qualified as ‘datastream’ sometimes?

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