The Village

Kevin and I saw The Village yesterday with Nathan. It was excellent and very satisfying. In fact, it’s excellent in the same way the lead actress is excellent. It sort of creeps up on you and then sticks in your head.

My recommendation? See it. Don’t worry about what kind of movie it is. If you’ve seen any advertising, forget it. It’s a beautiful, delicately crafted film that asks hard-to-answer questions, with a tender, empathic, compassionate voice that speaks of both hope and humanity. It’s also got some genuinely terrifying, heart-pumping moments.

Honestly, M. Night Shyalaman is more a master of suspense than he is of twist endings. This movie is better than Signs and Unbreakable and it may be better than Sixth Sense, but it’s a very different movie than Sixth Sense. It has some amazing moments of pure suspense.

I think I love MNS’s movies not because of the suspense, or because I like ‘gotchas’ or anything like that, but because each one shows his thoughts and beliefs about human nature and I agree with them.

A bit of spoilery commentary follows: not an actual spoiler, but a comment on the contents of the film.

There IS a twist or two. They’re little ones. One of them I knew going into the film– it’s that small of a twist. One of them made a few jarring things earlier in the film make sense. Both of them are little fish-hooks in the long straight path of the film. They don’t send you veering off in another direction. They just give you a better perspective from which to appreciate the journey as you look back.

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