Yo hee ho

My car rolled over 2222 miles this morning. It hit 1000 and 2000 on the journey home and back again. I got to see my family! My brother is so tall, and my sister has her BA in English. Go Anna! It was nice to see everybody. We taught my brother to play chess, and had a nice conversation with him about how to become a game developer.

Last night after we got home, Kevin and I let each other play Final Fantasy. I went down into Shakrami Maze to get my wyvern egg and the crew came along to help me out. Got the egg quickly and then we headed over to take a few shots at the leeches. This is something I do whenever there are leeches around, as they are the source of the rare item that allows one to start the Summoner quest. I’ve killed them in Buburimu and Jugner for ages, as well as the hunting we did in Quifim…

Well… third or fourth leech, and the Ruby dropped! I was so stunned, I didn’t really expect it to happen. I was just killing ’em because it’s pretty much habit now.

Then I went to Windurst and got the Summoner quest, and did a few more unique quests and checked out my fame levels. They are sadly teh sux.

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