Yesterday and today are beautiful days. I was barefoot yesterday, transplanting seedlings to peat pots while Kevin mowed the lawn. Today, I could be wearing shorts (but I’m not).

No notable events in Final Fantasy. A bit of subjob leveling, a bit of moneymaking and skillraising.

I made reservations at A Hidden Haven for Easter Saturday, to visit Port Townsend and look at potential wedding stuff. We had to get a cottage rather than a room because they’re remodelling the rooms. I’ll be sure to write down everything interesting while there. Go go laptops. Also, must remember that Stacy would like me to bring an oven thermometer. And must go see Cutting Garden. So much to do.

I also need to try and find a hotel that will accept pets in Yuba City– we’re thinking of bringing Hannah down with us when we drive down there. I figure she can stay at my dad’s house when we go to the actual graduation (unless it’s outdoors or something).

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