Helluva Weekend.

On Saturday, I tried to run Nobilis, but the MUSH went down and I foolishly didn’t have the alternate location information.

Then, I went out and bought a car. There was stress over financing, but the car itself was a wonderful deal and the financing I ended up with was better than what I walked in with, so that was a win. The car is a nicer one than I expected to get, for the price I wanted to pay. Silver 2-door 5-speed Honda Civic LX.

Then I went home and played Final Fantasy, where I got a piece of RSE armor (an ongoing quest that we’ve been trying to do for a long time), and finished the ninja quest. These are both significant achievements in the game!

Sunday, I went to brunch with Kevin to the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. I got a bottle of wine (Jackaroo Shiraz) for halfprice because it was Sunday, and deeply deeply enjoyed my food and mimosa. It is a wonderful, atmospheric little cafe and I’m looking forward to returning.

Then we went home, where Kirby was waiting for us, and began cleaning for gaming. Kirby helped us look for Hannah’s missing collar, and I showed off my car to him and Rebecca. Then there was gaming, where we triumphed over a lich, and travelled to Maztica, where apparently the savage natives have guns, while we just have magic. This is very cool.

After that, hmm… I peeked at my flowers in Final Fantasy, and peeked at my flowers in real life, and did a tiny bit of relaxed cleaning.

Today, I drove to work! I parked next to the exact same car as mine, except an EX, which is the one with the sunroof that I couldn’t afford. :p

Also, I was wandering around feeling light and happy today and I couldn’t figure out entirely why, and then I realized this was the first day I hadn’t brought my jacket to work this year. It’s a beautiful day outside and I hadn’t even thought of it as I walked out the door.


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