That’s Enough

I’ve had it, had it up to here. No more whispering my thoughts in friends’ ears. I don’t like politics, I don’t like those games (and so much of it seems to be a game, points gained here, lost there, all the same, no change).

But I’ve had it.

I hate the way my country is going. I hate the decisions this administration is making. I hate the way they seem determined to polarize the nation. I hate the way they make me want to take to the streets and scream and shout, the way they make me want to publically ignore their mandates, get arrested, get thrown out.

I hate that the only way the opposition sees to win is to give in, give in to the noisiest voices, give in without making choices. Why can’t we have someone wise, someone who gives us hope, who manages the country like it has places to go? (We do, you know. We just need somebody to manage it well, instead of play.)

We are a nation built on something strong, and I thought we got better as we went along but now I wonder, do we just blunder after the rest of the world? Two steps behind, but blind?

I hate wondering that.

These men, and their political games: what’s in it for them? The next election they want to win? Scoring some points off the other team? This isn’t a game! There’s a country at stake, and it’s fraying at the seams. It doesn’t need daddy or king.

There’s living my life, and there’s closing my ears, and I hate that I want to close my ears, ignore, and hope it goes away. I hate the bad news I hear every day. I hate that I have something to say: grow up, be strong, do your job, then move on.

We need leadership, administration. We’re not a nation of children, we don’t need to be ruled. You weren’t meant to be a despot, you weren’t meant to be a tool, wielded against Americans by fools. Let us live our lives.

If you must be a tool for the loudest, then listen to what we say: sit down, shut up, go away.

I hate that I don’t have much hope things will change. My government is supposed to give me hope, not take it away.

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