Sushi is Yummy

So… what’s been up with me lately?

Well, I stayed home sick yesterday, and slept until 3:30. I’m feeling better today but I’m still taking it easy: no gym for me. I had a physical on Tuesday and I still need to get around to submitting my prescriptions (for the usual stuff) to the new Microsoft by-mail pharmacy.

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy Online (XI). I’m trying hard to get to 18th level, so I can equip a subjob, plus, you can do gardening in the game and I’ve been really motivated by wanting to understand the system behind that, which costs money and time.

I’ve also been working on Nobilis, although nothing that is easy to talk about. Mostly it’s been organizing and planning and so forth.

Today Kevin finally got around to registering his car, and since he was in the same area of town I was in, we went out to lunch at Todai, which is all-you-can-eat sushi. It was pretty good and very affordable.

Kevin also got tickets to the Seattle Symphony’s performance of The Lord of the Rings, which will be conducted by Howard Shore (the composer of the Lord of the Rings scores). This is in July; tickets for Saturday have already sold out. I’m pretty excited by this; I love the music.

My friend Stacy sent me an engagement gift: a book on weddings called The Anti-Bride. I’ve really been enjoying reading it; it has a lot of stuff in it that I should be thinking about, but it discusses it in a very friendly and creative fashion. Each chapter of the book, which is bound to lay flat, has a folder inside the chapter tab, where I can stuff lists and so forth.

I’m currently tentatively thinking May 2005, in Seattle somewhere. I love spring.

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