Sony has horrible customer support

But at least their products don’t suck, even if their product support does.

I signed up with yesterday even though I don’t have a machine that can directly play audible files. I wouldn’t mind an audible gift certificate for Christmas.

I also went through amazon and added a few things to my wishlist– some for my reference rather than anybody else’s. And I encouraged Rebecca to make a wishlist and Kevin to update his, and now I’m encouraging you, dear reader, to do the same. It’s fun, once you get into it.

I’ve been saving and saving for a new electronic toy of some sort (as well as general savings, of course) and I think I’ve decided what I want to get. Sometime early next year (Jan or Feb) I’m probably going to get an iBook. This is what I was talking about in the xenophilia post below. Me– using a Macintosh!

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